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Making Balloons Last Longer:

The factors which will determine how long your balloons will last are plenty. First and foremost, we have to take the quality of the balloon into account. Throughout our 30+ years of decorating, we have narrowed our choice of latex balloons to provide our clients with nothing short of the industry's top quality products. There is a product on the market called SUPER Hi-Float, which we make available to our clients, that increases the float time of balloons tenfold. How? HI-FLOAT is an aqueous solution containing a special water soluble plastic. It dries inside the latex balloon to form a barrier coating which helps hold in helium. This coating greatly increases the floating life of the balloon. ULTRA HI-FLOAT increases floating life by about 25 times.

The following table shows typical floating times for various sizes of balloons:

Flying Time
Helium Only*
Flying Time
Helium and
Flying Time
Helium and
Ultra HI-FLOAT *
11" STANDARD COLORS 12-24 hrs. 4-10 days 1-4 weeks
12-24 hrs. 4-7 days 1-3 weeks
14" ROUND 26-30 hrs. 8-14 days 2-5 weeks
16" ROUND 30+ hrs. 14-20 days 3-7 weeks
18" ROUND 36+ hrs. 16-24 days 3-8 weeks
17" HEART 14 hrs. 2-3 days 3-8 weeks
16" GEO DONUT® 22-26 hrs. 3-5 days 4-12 days
16" GEO BLOSSOM ® 18-24 hrs. 3-10 days 3-10 days
24" ROUND 2-4 days 18-30 days 4-10 weeks
3' GIANT 3-5 days 4-8 weeks 6-20 weeks

*The listed average inflation sizes, lift ability and flying times are conservative averages. Actual flying times vary depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Heat and humidity will not only oxidize balloons and make them appear dull and less vibrant, yet will also decrease their float time considerably. Heat makes helium molecules very active. Picture a tiny ball bouncing within the inner balloon walls. Increasing the heat outside these balloon walls makes the ball bounce faster. The faster bouncing eventually makes for an escape through the latex shield.

Apply this analogy for an understanding of how Hi-Float works. The Hi-Float liquid, when allowed to dry, creates a barrier inside the balloon which increases the time it will take for the helium to penetrate the porous latex. Regardless of its incredible results, expect the float time of Hi-Float treated helium balloons exposed to heat and humidity to be cut in half.

For more information on the Hi-Float line of products, feel free to phone toll free in the US (800) 57-FLOAT (573-5628) or (502) 244 - 0984

Super Hi-Float is an incredible solution that will enable your balloons to stay afloat considerably longer than usual.

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