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Welcome to our Bar/Bat Mitzvah pages, from our Private/Personal catalogue. Here, you will find photos of decorations created for individuals who were celebrating the bar/bat mitzvahs of their children.

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Name Cut-Out

Name Cut-Out 2
A fabulous rock & roll centerpiece with height and elegance. Glittering CDs and mylars serve as accents and they are topped off with a mounted photo tribute to the child's favourite rocker!
Rock Centerpiece

Celestial Centerpieces

Celestial Centerpieces 2
A giant album is suspended from the ceiling of your venue, with personalized text as a label. Great focal point decoration, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Personalized Giant Album

Latex Centerpieces
Decorated with mini mylar balloons and mini Stanley Cups, this was used both as a weight and a centerpiece for the smaller tables.
Mini-Mylar Centerpieces
A collage has been mounted and rested upon an easle, trimmed around the edges with numerous CDs and lighten with a floor mount spot light
Rock Artist Collage

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Printed mylar foil balloons and latex designs for any occasion. Balloon sizes and shapes for all tastes and budgets from Montreal's Pret-A-Party

Balloons, cut-outs and other Easter accessories from Montreal's Pret-A-Party