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Nicholas Kalantzis

Nicholas Kalantzis, president and head event decorator for Montreal's Pret-A-Party, is always available to assist you in your event decorating needs. He brings over 23 years of experience to your event!

Nicholas Kalantzis is not only the president of Pret-A-Party, but also the company's head decorator. Since 1989, Nicholas has worked on many corporate projects as the chief decorator as well as thousands of private events and occasions. Being gifted with a talent for artistic creativity, he can assist you in both the conception and developement of your decorating goals.

In addition to stunning decor, Nicholas has become known for the original and thematic centerpieces that he creates. Whether you are planning a theme party for your company or want to have original centerpieces for your child's Bar Mitzvah party, his creations will leave your guests talking about your great taste in decor for years.

A firm believer in customer service, Nicholas remains open to meet with you at the time and place of your convenience to discuss your party needs. From that point on, he will see to it that every detail that was mentioned in your contract is respected to the fullest extent.

An active participant in the IBAC® conventions, when it comes to balloon decor, it is simply hard to find someone with more original ideas and a better overall knowledge of the craft. What has allowed Nicholas to be so successful as a party and event decorator is that he has never achieved satisfaction by succeeding in only one area or field. He realized long ago that balloons were not for everyone, and has since made a name for himself with his wonderful alternatives, namely prop design and creation, veil work and floral creations.

If you would like more information about Nicholas or to contact him, feel free to send him an email

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