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Welcome to our FREE Newsletter section, where you can join the growing list of individuals like yourself, who have taken an interest in our web site.

The Pret-A-Party Newsletter has been started as a means of offering our visitors instant web site and company update notifications. Whether we add a new photo album, service or promotional offer to our web site, you will be advised.

A clearly identified e-mail will be sent to all subscribers every time changes are made to our site, such as the changes mentioned above. Because of the growing number of viruses going around the web, the e-mail that subscribers will receive from Pret-A-Party will be a simple text link, bringing them to a page on our web site.

Are you on your company's social committee ? Are you getting married soon ? If so, then why not subcribe ? It's FREE and you have nothing to lose. If you decide to unsubscribe at any point in the future, just send us an email and your name will be removed from the list. It's that simple.

Pret-A-Party does not participate in unethical on-line practices. We do not believe in SPAMing, nor do we redistribute or share our bank of subcriber e-mail addresses with third parties. If you subscribe to our Newsletter, you will only receive e-mails relevant to our company, our web site or our promotions.

In general, a subscriber can expect to receive one e-mail every 3-5 weeks with notifications of our web site's updates. In the case of limited time offers, the frequency of our mailings may increase. This is exclusive to limited time offers and is intended to offer the maximum benefit to our subcribers and the savings that they can enjoy by being members of our Newsletter group.

Pret-A-Party is offering this service to you FREE OF CHARGE as a sign of appreciation for your interest in our company. Please allow 3-5 days for all new subcribe/unsubscribe notifications.


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To unsubscribe, please follow the link below. Before doing so, if there was anything that we could have changed to make your subscription more enjoyable and beneficial, kindly let us know.