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Welcome to our St. Valentine's Day pages, from our Corporate catalogue. Here, you will find photos of decorations created for companies that wanted to maximize their exposure during this busy retail period. Interior and exterior decor is a great way to direct traffic to your door, and at Pret-A-Party, we're here to help make that a reality ~ CALL TODAY !

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Suspended Super-Heart

Ceiling Corner Columns

Ceiling Corner Columns Part 2

Corridor Ceilings

Corridor Ceilings Part 2

Suspended Super-Heart Part 2

Dodging Obstacles

Dodging Obstacles Part 2

Dodging Obstacles Final Product

Multi-Sized Cascading Hearts

Simple Stage Arch

Table Bouquets

Intimate Ceiling Decor
Our Master Bows are available in many original prints and styles, helping to add the extra touch needed in your decoration project. Coordinate them with your balloon prints and your theme party will be an esthetic success...from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
St.Valentine's Bows

Final Product

Attract new clients and amuse the old, with balloon sculptures, cut-outs of cupid, hearts & kisses, ribbons and bows. Amazing Valentine Day decorations, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Store Ceilings

Printed mylar foil balloons and latex designs for any occasion. Balloon sizes and shapes for all tastes and budgets from Montreal's Pret-A-Party