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Welcome to our Sales & Product Launchings pages, from our Corporate catalogue. You will find props, balloon sculptures and the like. Fantastic creations and designs from the artistic minds at Pret-A-Party. Jump on the bandwagon ~ CALL TODAY !

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Balloon Sculpture Letters
Sculptured Letters
Floating Balloon Pillars & Clouds
Floating Pillars & Clouds
Floating Balloon Pillars & Clouds Balloons For High Impact And Long Life
Floating Pillars 2
Vodka Theme Cut-Out - Props
Thematic Cut-Out Props
Sax Balloon Sculpture
Thematic Sculptures

Balloon Bottle Sculpture With Foam-Core Fine Details
Product Reproductions


Balloon Sculpture Telephone With Kiosque Balloon Bouquets
Kiosque Décor


Balloon Cluster Column With Paddle Topper For Sky-Publicity
Kiosque Décor 2
Cluster columns with a bit of a warp, which include earth-print balloons and giant earth-globes on top, tieing in a theme. These make for an original and abstract entrance decoration, but can also be placed along stages or key, focal points. Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Abstract Entrance

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Printed mylar foil balloons and latex designs for any occasion. Balloon sizes and shapes for all tastes and budgets from Montreal's Pret-A-Party