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Welcome to our Retirement Party pages. Here, you will find photos of decorations created for companies and groups of individuals who were celebrating the always highly anticipated Retirement of co-workers and/or family members. With personalized photo signing boards, balloons, banners, props, centerpieces and bows, Pret-A-Party can make your party stand out from all the other ones ~ CALL TODAY !

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The artistic minds are always hard at work; personalized photo signing boards make for wonderful souvenirs of any event and also give your guests an opportunity to leave behind a personal message. With beautifully hand-made lettering, you can have the person(s) and occasion stand out. Order your signing board today, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party,
Customized Signing Board
Using vinyl swags, balloon pillars and our very popular customized signing boards, you can created a focal point decoration which will not only look great for pictures, but will impress your guests too. Have them pose with the retiree, with this wonderful set-up as a backdrop, and have photos and/or video that will stand out much more than if the backdrop was a white wall.
Focal Point Decorations
When planning an intimate party, some people like to keep table decor to a minimum.  Balloon bouquets in sets of 4-10 can do just that. Other possible additions are thematic centerpieces, MasterBow centerpieces or decorated sand weights.
Guest Table Balloons


Printed mylar foil balloons and latex designs for any occasion. Balloon sizes and shapes for all tastes and budgets from Montreal's Pret-A-Party