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Welcome to our Halloween pages, from our Corporate catalogue. Here, you will find photos of decorations created for commercial locations such as malls and supermarkets. We offer many original ways to decorate your establishment for this annual fall festivity. Pret-A-Party's decorators can assist you ~ CALL TODAY !

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Halloween 1

Halloween 2

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Halloween 9
Black cat cut-out with beady little yellow feline eyes makes for a great Halloween decoration, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Black Cat
Happy pumpkin head cut-out available in round and oval shape is a fun Halloween decoration piece, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Pumpkin Head
A full and colourfull balloon bouquet with raffia accents brings in the harvest season, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Bouquet with Raffia
Unique and eye-catching decorations are the objective for those who opt for this funtastic scarecrow balloon sculpture, complete with straw hat, raffia and bandana accents, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Scarecrow Sculpture
Spider web cut-out with a shadowy spider imprint, suspended for that creepy Halloween effect, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Spider's Web
Witch way? The witch way! An eerie silhouette of a flying witch against a bright full moon makes for a great suspendable decoration piece, from Montreal's Pret-A-Party
Silhouette Witch

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Printed mylar foil balloons and latex designs for any occasion. Balloon sizes and shapes for all tastes and budgets from Montreal's Pret-A-Party

accessories for halloween. Everything from costumes, to fake teeth, etc. Make yourself stand out at your next masquerade party. Montreal's Pret-A-Party