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Casino Night Fundraisers - Charity Casino Events - Charity Poker Tournaments
Raise money at your charity event with a casino night fundraiser or charity poker tournament.


Casino Fundraisers are a great idea for the following:

PTA Fundraisers
School Fundraisers
Church Fundraisers
Pet Rescue Fundraisers
Youth Group Fundraisers
Athletic Team Fundraisers
Sports Team Fundraisers

Looking for a great fundraising idea for your non-profit or charity organisation? PRÊT-A-PARTY has been providing top quality exciting casino night fundraisers and charity poker tournaments since 2004. We use only quality grade equipment and highly trained, knowledgeable, friendly dealers.

Casino fundraisers, casino night charity events, and charity poker tournaments are great ideas to raise money for your non-profit group or charity organisation while entertaining your guests with exciting Las Vegas style casino fun.

If you are planning a casino fundraiser or charity poker tournament, we understand that your primary goal is to maximize your fundraising potential while providing an authentic “Las Vegas style casino event. We'll show you how! Visit our How to run a casino night fundraiser page.

We have many proven ideas to help you achieve those goals. As casino fundraiser and charity poker tournament specialists, we guarantee your casino fundraising event will not only feel authentic, but your guests will be thrilled with excitement it brings. We provide support and guidance until your casino fundraising event is over. Prêt-à-Party has assisted dozens of charities and groups with their fundraising needs. We would be happy to share our experience with you in the planning of your casino fundraising event.

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